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Winter 2010

Amanda Gadian #92
Nickname:  Ember

Line: Shaiken
Big Sis: Erica Tagaki
Lil Sis: Emma Nelson & Allyson Agustin
Hometown:  Seattle, Washington
Ethnicity:  Filipino

Major: English

Now: Working in College Admissions at DigiPen Institute of Technology

Tammy Chang #91
Nickname:  Shadow Cat

Line: Lee
Big Sis: Amy Nguyen
Lil Sis: Jina Son & Tin Tin Chang
Hometown:  Bellevue, Washington
Ethnicity:  Hmong

Now: Working at Nordstrom

Grace Jang #93
Nickname:  eggXubrnt

Line: Chong
Big Sis: Mimi Nguyen
Lil Sis: Hannah Pham
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Ethnicity:  Korean

Now: Software Engineer at Novel Effect

Christy Lee #94
Nickname:  Cheer

Line: Choe
Big Sis: SeEun Kim
Hometown:  Tacoma, Washington
Ethnicity:  Korean

Sara Yoon #95
Nickname:  Boo

Line: Leong
Big Sis: Quynh Nguyen
Lil Sis: Christie Yang & Susanna Kang
Hometown:  Anchorage, Alaska
Ethnicity:  Korean

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