President: Sienna Rice

Vice President of Operations: Megan Thao

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Mimi To

Vice President of External Affairs: Kim Ha

Director of Finance: Nancy Nguyen

Director of Secretarial Affairs: Ashlea Lau



Directors of Philanthropy: Peixian Rong, Emily Huynh & Ngan Le

Academic Chairs: Michele Chao & Jennifer Tran

Fundraising Chairs: Katherine Nguyen & Tammie Cheung

Community Service Chairs: Synthia Wong & Aiyu Chen

Historians: Kailyn Heck & Anita Pham

Social Media Chairs: Kailyn Heck & Anuujin Ider

Web Administrator: Kailyn Heck

Associated Students of University of Washington (ASUW) Liaison: Michele Chao

Asian Student Commission (ASC) Representative: Belldandy Oum

United Greek Council (UGC) Representative: Lily Yan

Alumnae Chair: Lily Yan

Expansion Chair: Emily Huynh

Fall 2019 Recruitment Chairs: Amy Ly, Amanda Yang, & Yuna Park

Fall 2019 New Member Educators: Khryss Capawa & Sienna Rice

Fall 2019 New Member Mentor: Lucinda Lu

Fall 2019 Installs Chairs: Amanda Le & Aries Wangbunyen

Winter 2020 Recruitment Chairs: Katherine Nguyen & Amanda Le

Winter 2019 New Member Educators: Jessica Lou & Ashley Han

Winter 2019 New Member Mentor: Rose Baartarchuluu

Winter 2019 Installs Chairs: Kailyn Heck & Mimi To

End of Year 2019 Banquet Chairs: Yuna Park & Amy Ly

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