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Chi Sigma Alpha stands with a pillar in academic excellence and thus, each sister strives to exceed the University standards for scholastic achievement. To encourage this goal, Chi Sigma Alpha places an emphasis on several events dedicated to academics:


Study Tables as part of United Greek Council (UGC): Sisters participate in group study tables for all Greek organizations part of UGC. It is an exclusive opportunity to network with the members of UGC in an academic environment.

Study tables

The sisters of Chi Sigma Alpha meet twice weekly for 3-hour study sessions. This encourages sisters to dedicate part of their daily schedule towards their academics in an appropriate and collaborative environment.

Dean's List

The academic chairs collect quarterly GPAs from every active sister to determine which sisters have made it on the quarterly Dean’s List, which requires a GPA of 3.5. Sisters who have shown academic excellence are recognized for their hard work.




Each quarter, we congratulate the sisters who have achieved high academic performance! 

Congratulations to the following sisters that made Dean's List with a GPA of 3.5 or above:

Aiyu Chen

Tammie Cheung

Sophia Chiang

Coco Chuang

Ashlea Lau

Lucinda Lu

Sheila Luong
Amy Ly (ΑΘ)

Stephanie Mai

Nancy Nguyen

Selena Nguyen

Belldandy Oum

Tammy Pham

Peixian Rong

Emily Tang

Megan Thao

Mimi To

Jennifer Tran

Judy Vue

Holland Vuu

Lily Yan

Briannah Yee

Vivien Zhang

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