Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month and the sisters of the Alpha Chapter of Chi Sigma Alpha want to share some of their experiences and insights on taking care of your mental health, espescially during these trying times.

"Listen to your favorite music and dance like nobody’s watching!"

"The thing that has helped me the most to build a healthier mental health relationship has been to quit competing in the “stress Olympics”. Being surrounded by so many young people who are competing and accomplishing so much, it can be hard to give yourself the freedom to relax. Don’t forget that we are all different success stories so there’s no need to rush."

"Headspace - it’s a meditation app and they’re offering a year for free rn! taking short walks around the neighborhood to look at houses and plants to help disconnect from technology really helps too."

"I think something that has helped me with my mental health, especially during quarantine is to journal or write what's on my mind/how I feel. I know it sounds kind of tedious, like why would I want to write out everything I am feeling when I can just think about it? But trust me, writing it does really help, it's an outlet so that you don't have to have it bottled up all day. I think writing has also given me something to look forward to everyday, it's sort of like writing letters to yourself. No one has to see it, just you and it's your own thoughts, when you come back and look at it in the future, looking at some of the things you wrote down might surprise you and you can see how far you've come since then."

"There comes a lot of stigma regarding mental health in the Asian community. I never acknowledged my struggles with it until I surrounded myself with sisters who cared about my well-being and prioritized self-love. Creating a solid group of friends that uplifted who I am helped my progress in recognizing that mental health is a valid and real thing and made me want to improve who I am as a person. Doing small hobbies such as cooking, working out, or DIY projects has helped calm my mind down, especially during this crazy time. Through this quarantine, I've learned the importance of recognizing that how you feel is okay as long as you find ways to cope and surround yourself with good people."

"Since being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, something i like to do to take care of my mental health other than going to therapy is journaling!! i start out by writing questions that i want answers to like “why do i feel like this?” by the end of my journaling session, not only do i feel like writing out my feelings takes a huge weight off my shoulders, but i sometimes even find the answers to my questions. mental health in the Asian community is a topic that is usually dismissed. as an Asian-American with mental health problems, i feel beyond privileged to be supported by people i love. NORMALIZE MENTAL HEALTH. NORMALIZE THERAPY. NORMALIZE MEDICATION."

"I think a big part of my mental health journey was learning how to form healthy boundaries. I used to be someone who said yes to everything, but it ended up taking a toll on my mind, body, and spirit. I have since learned to say no when I don’t want to do something, if I am spread too thin, or if I need a break to recenter myself!"

"I’ve never struggled with my mental health until coming to college. Anxiety and depression bring me down on a daily basis and I struggle with feeling good enough. A good tip I like to remind myself to stay positive is that I’m not alone. Many others struggle with their mental health and there’s a community of people that validate your feelings. You’re not alone and everything will be ok! ❤️"

Your concerns are valid.

Realize what you can control.

Recognize the signs.

Manage stressors and anxieties.

Mental illness and mental health is real. It is treatable. It is manageable. Let's support and love each other during these trying times.

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