Black Lives Matter

In solidarity with Black communities and everyone affected by the recent murders of innocent African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement:

It is important that we acknowledge that violence against Black people is not new and their disenfranchisement is intrinsically tied to the history of the united states -- a country built upon slavery, genocide, and colonialism.

As an Asian-Interest sorority, who prides itself on celebrating our identities and raising awareness about issues that impact the Asian community, it is imperative that we explicitly name and work to challenge the ways anti-Blackness is deeply rooted in our communities. There is no place within social justice movements to play identity politics, and only speaking about issues pertaining to your own racial group. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, so marginalized communities must work as a collective to dismantle systems of oppression.⁣

We would not be here today without the trailblazing of the National Pan-Hellenic Council that made it possible for us -- and so many other multicultural greek organizations to exist. Many of our traditions come from Black sororities and fraternities, and the social movements that work for the rights of Asians are modeled after civil rights movements begun by Black people.

We know that a simple Instagram and blog post is not enough, and this is merely a start. Activism cannot end with a simple reposting of content, so we are urging our fellow members within the Multicultural Greek Council, and any other non-Black community members to join us in taking some of the following steps, and committing to continue taking these steps:

  1. Acknowledge that anti-Blackness is pervasive within Asian communities, and it is not a thing of the past.

  2. Reflect on how you may be consciously or subconsciously perpetuating anti-Blackness and then sit with your discomfort and challenge where it came from.

  3. Challenge your internalization of harmful rhetoric like the 'Model Minority Myth,' which posits Asians as the "good" minority at the expense of Black people. There are privileges that come with being a non-Black POC -- acknowledge this.

  4. Hold your Greek brothers and sisters, friends, and family accountable when you see or hear anti-Black and other racist remarks -- it's all a collective effort. Be open to being corrected or asked to check yourself, and then LISTEN.

  5. Take the initiative to educate yourself and others, it is not the responsibility of Black people to teach you how they are oppressed.

  6. Repost, share, and spread knowledge via multiple mediums but DO NOT repost graphic content of violence against Black folx on social media. Think about who you might be retraumatizing.

  7. Donate to organizations and funds that support Black communities, sign petitions, and call/email lawmakers and political leaders and demand justice.

Here are some accounts to follow on Instagram to jumpstart your learning an get educated and also a list of organizations and funds that you can donate too.







George Floyd Memorial Fund

Justice for Breonna Taylor petition

I Run With Maud GoFundMe

Minnesota Freedom Fund

National Bail Out: Free Black Mamas

Black Visions Collective

and more! Check out the link in our Instagram bio. Let's continue to spread resources, grow our collective knowledge, and learn together.