Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

May is ✨Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month ✨⁣

As an Asian-Interest but not Asian exclusive sorority, Chi Sigma Alpha is dedicated to celebrating the heritage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and recognizing the influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans in shaping the history of the United States. ⁣

Our local philanthropy is the Chinese Information and Service Center and Chi Sigs dedicate their time to volunteer for this culturally inclusive organization and support local community integration. ⁣

As an affiliate of the Multicultural Greek Council, the Asian Student Commission and the Ethnic Cultural Center, sisters continue to develop relations with these other diverse organizations on campus and recognizes the vast cultures that exist across our campus. ⁣

Besides our affiliations and local philanthropy, Chi Sigs have many plans in store this upcoming year in regards to collaborating and commemorating the heritage and strengths of the Asian American And Pacific Islander American community and we cannot wait to show you!⁣

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