Sisters of the Quarter

Chi Sigma Alpha is built on our pillars and our sisters who loyally represent them. Instead of highlighting sisters once a month, we have transitioned to highlighting the top few sisters each quarter who throughout the months never let their contributions to the house go to waste.

Our sisters of the quarter for Winter Quarter 2020 are Megan Thao, Katherine Nguyen, and Sienna Rice.

Megan has been the Vice President of Operations this past year but she tends to go above and beyond what is asked of her. She puts in countless hours and effort to build every relationship in the house and keep us laughing and full of love.

Kathy never fails to give her all to our sisterhood. She has taken on multiple house positions in her time in the house and goes above and beyond those roles. She is a present big to her little, Zenna, and is always looking out for her sisters.

Sienna has been our dutiful President this past year and represented us in the best of ways. She never tires as she balances her duties to the sisterhood and to academics. She is a true role model.

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