Presenting Alpha Theta Queens

Congratulations to our 12 newest members on crossing into our sisterhood!

Alpha Theta Queens, welcome to the greatest sisterhood around!

#209 Ms. Sophia "Avalon" Chiang

#210 Ms. Ashley Janelle "Aqua" Cruz

#211 Ms. Zenna "Manaphy Huynh

#212 Ms. Betty "Mojito" Lo

#213 Ms. Sheila "Carina" Luong

#214 Ms. Melissa "Sprout" Luu

#215 Ms. Amy "Tiana" Ly

#216 Ms. Vaishnavi "A$AP" Sharma

#217 Ms. Heidi "SK-II" Tan

#218 Ms. Emily "Siren" Tang

#219 Ms. Ashley "XODIA" Vo

#220 Ms. Holland "Stella Rose" Vuu

You twelve have so much beauty and grace in each and every one of you and we love the light you continue to bring!

Thanks to New Member Educators #165 Ms. Khryss "Moana" Capawa and #182 Ms. Sienna "Tesla" Rice, and New Member Mentor #156 Ms. Lucinda "Absolut" Lu for guiding this absolutely royal class into our house!

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