Congratulations to our graduating class of 2019!!

From left to right: Deanna "Rapunzel" Ly, Vi "Malibu" Nguyen, Abby "BMW" Huang, Jenna "Jasmine" Liang, Faythe "Versace" Choi, Cindi "Gabbana" Vu, Ashley "Kryptonite" Han, Cristina "Tonic" Tang, Thu "Icebreaker" Nguyen, Jennifer "Chihiro" Osugi

Not pictured: Sabrina "Ultra" Do

Today on June 16th, 11 of our sisters took the traditional walk across the commencement stage. With this came a new chapter in our graduates' lives. The House is looking forward to seeing what paths our lovely ladies will create. We are proud of everything they have accomplished and thankful for the love and effort they put into our sisterhood. Though the House said our goodbyes at Commencement, we know our farewells are only temporary. Chi Sigs for life!

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