Sisterhood at Chelan

This past weekend, our lovely vice president of internal Ms. Crystal "Detox" Tam planned a retreat for our house to relax and bond together at Lake Chelan. Through sisterhood activities and home-cooked meals, Chi Sigs truly know how to make sisterhood and spring quarter work.

We were also able to take some amazing *candid* and cute photos of all out sisters this weekend. Check out our website and social media as all these images come out!

As we near the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we as Chi Sigs took a weekend to take a break before we get back to the studying, extracurriculars, and work of the school year. It's moments where you get to smile and enjoy the people and moments around you where sisterhood is so incredibly worth it. It may be a little early, but fall recruitment may come up quick. If you're interested in joining the sisterhood, contact out rush chairs or click the contact page now!

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