Presenting: Alpha Eta Heiresses

Congratulations to our 9 newest members on crossing into our sisterhood!

Alpha Eta Heiresses, welcome to the greatest sisterhood around!

#200 Ms. Irene “XTC” Harun

#201 Ms. Anuujin “Lyon” Ider

#202 Ms. Nancy “Patagonia” Nguyen

#203 Ms. Anita “Big Dipper” Pham

#204 Ms. Peixian “Palace” Rong

#205 Ms. Jennifer “Stellar” Tran

#206 Ms. Judy “Sunstone” Vue

#207 Ms. Shawny “FVDED” Yuristian

#208 Ms. Vivien “Garnier” Zhang

You nine have so much beauty and grace in each and every one of you and we love the light you have brought into our house!

Thanks to New Member Educators Ms. Ashley "Kryptonite" Han and Ms. Jessica "Suki" Lou, and New Member Mentor Ms. Rose "Nike" Baatarchuluu for guiding this absolutely royal class into our house!

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