Presenting : Alpha Epsilon Eggtarts🌞

Congratulations to our 7 newest members on crossing into our sisterhood!

Alpha Epsilon Eggtarts, welcome home!

#184 Ms. Aiyu "Corona" Chen

#185 Ms. Maile "TRESemmé" Chung

#186 Ms. Ashley "Kryptonite" Han

#187 Ms. Amy "Soju" Ly

#188 Ms. Megan "Maserati" Thao

#189 Ms. Aries "Audi" Wangbunyen

#190 Synthia "Nyx" Wong

You seven exemplify a balance of strength and warmheartedness and there is so much within each and every one of you! We're glad to have you as our sisters <3

Thanks to New Member Educators Ms. Abby "BMW" Huang and Ms. Faythe "Versace" Choi, and New Member Mentor Ms. Rosalynn "Viniq" Luong for guiding this sweet class into our house!

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