Presenting : Alpha Delta Diamonds💎

Congratulations to our newest 19 members on becoming sisters!

Welcome to our house, Alpha Delta Diamonds!

#165 Ms. Khryss "Moana" Capawa

#166 Ms. Michele "River Rose" Chao

#167 Ms. Qin "Daffodil" Chen

#168 Ms. Sabrina "Ultra" Do

#169 Ms. Amy "Appa" Dong

#170 Ms. Amanda "Celestial" Le

#171 Ms. Ngan "Yeezy" Le

#172 Ms. XJ "Benz" Lu

#173 Ms. Mary "Xtra" Maccoun

#174 Ms. Elaine "Oasis" Nguyen

#175 Ms. Kerry "Armani" Nguyen

#176 Ms. Selena "Orchione" Nguyen

#177 Ms. Belldandy "Moonstone" Oum

#178 Ms. Yuna "Titania" Park

#179 Ms. Tammy "Ambrosia" Pham

#180 Ms. Carolyn "Momo" Phung

#181 Ms. Melynda "Vulpix" Phung

#182 Ms. Sienna "Tesla" Rice

#183 Ms. Amanda "Bubbly" Yang

You ladies have accomplished so much, including being our biggest class yet! Despite being so large, there is nothing short of the sisterhood bonds between every one of you and other sisters.

Special thanks to the New Member Educators, Ms. Jennifer "Chihiro" Osugi and Ms. Taylor "Peridot" Woo, and New Member Mentor, Ms. Vi "Malibu" Nguyen, for leading these women into our sisterhood!

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