Presenting : Gucci Alpha Gamma's 👌👌

Congratulations to our 4 new members for crossing into our sisterhood!

Welcome home, Gucci Alpha Gammas! #161 Ms. Rose "Nike' Baatarchuluu #162 Ms. Eva "Evergreen" Chen #163 Ms. Coco "Eclipse" Chuang #164 Ms. Stephanie "Hemera" Mai

Each one of you has put in a lot of dedication, and we are extremely proud to call you our sisters. We cannot wait to see all the great things you will overcome and accomplish!

Lastly, We want to thank the New Member Educators [Cindy Vu and Rosalynn Luong] and Pmom [Christie Sue] for giving their utmost and best efforts into crossing this class. And of course, thank you to all the bigs and the rest of the House for being supportive and encouraging. ♡♡

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