Presenting : Alpha Beta Class 👏👏

Congratulations to our 9 new members for crossing into our house!

Welcome to the sisterhood, Bangin' Alpha Betas! #152 Ms. Faythe "Versace" Choi #153 Ms. Abby "BMW" Huang #154 Ms. Jennifer "Bellatrix" Huynh #155 Ms. Jessica "Suki" Lou #156 Ms. Lucinda "Absolut" Lu #157 Ms. Deanna "Rapunzel" Ly #158 Ms. Stephanie "Mei" Mizuno #159 Ms. Crystal "Detox" Tam #160 Ms. Kathleen "Elixir" Yeh

All of you earned your place, and we are honored to call you our sisters!

We want to thank Elizabeth Lin, Kimberly Shim, and Jenna Liang for giving their time, patience, and efforts. It is because of their contributions that we are able to welcome a new class. And of course, thank you to all the bigs and the rest of the House for being the pillars behind Alpha Betas ♡♡

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